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Dianoya joins GlassVille Records - ProgTeam Management

Dianoya joins GlassVille Records


Dianoya joins GlassVille Records

We are happy to announce Dianoya will join the Glassville family!

In 2010 this polish band surprised many people with their first album (Obscurity Divine).

Some quotes from reviews:
"This is one of those releases that simply strikes all the right notes" "Yes, they sound simular to Riverside and Porcupine Tree and it's all good" "This is one of the best albums so far in 2010"

Now the band is ready to it the next level with a new album called "Lidocaine"! To be released in Europe on november 4, 2012.


1. Far Cry
2. Cold Genius
3. 1000G
4. One-Sided
5. Good News Comes After a While
6. Figaro Song
7. Best Wishes
8. Endgame
9. Nothing In Return
10. 21st Century
11. Venid


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